In his welcoming speech of the Nobel Prize in Literature Patrick Modiano writes ” that a writer always expresses in his works something timeless “. It is also what we feel on the first “meeting” with Barbara Lang’s dress, this feeling of timelessness. It is a meeting with the chosen, felt, affected(felt, touched,smelt, affected) material, the material inwhich one in donated its time(weather) and self­sacrifice to give to her of the soul.

And the soul stays extend the life of the material resist the programmed obsolescence. Ample, feminine, comfortable, Barbara Lang’s dresses, are self­sufficient to themselves and take place of subtleties, simply because they are the true.

The fibers of the material and that of the memory, will weave new stories(trouble) there to be dressed(to be taken on), from a season to the other one, to stack, to return, to mix, to reinterpret, in the feather of your wishes, travelers of the inviolable,Between present and past, heroines(heroin) of the novels of your lives, characters of a present to be invented.

It is by choice that we present on the site no creation of Barbara Lang. For any requests or information you can contact us by, e­mail, telephone or even better, come to visit us to the shop and to take advantage of it to discover Uzès.

About Barbara Lang

Barbara Lang is a high-end women’s fashion brand known for its chic and sophisticated designs. With a focus on feminine elegance, the brand offers a range of clothing, accessories, and footwear that are crafted from the finest materials. Barbara Lang appeals to women who appreciate quality and style, and who are looking for timeless, well-made pieces that they can wear for any occasion. From workwear to eveningwear, Barbara Lang offers a complete wardrobe solution for the modern woman.

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