Located in Carpi, Italian capital of textile UN-NAMABLE is being launched on the market in 2013.

In constant research for novelties and dynamics of creations letting the artistic singularity of Eita Nakamura consider itself in the course of collections asserting his difference while kpreserving) the unity of the brand.

A watchword, to give its own interpretation of the conductive lines.

Accompanied with a young, innovative team which does’nt hesitate to introduce new materials into collections.

Where the thread and the needles of the small business crafts prevent not at all the membership in a total modernity.

To compare UN-NAMABLE is’nt easy because their capacities to innovate leash a very great place in the pure creation and however remains easy to wear.

Mixt of genres could be the source of its work, before distancing itself completely from what is already made on the market thanks to in a very avant-gardist conception of clothes.

The choice of materials, the experiment in the processing of textiles allows to give free rein to the indestructible imagination of the creator.

All the tissues used on the conception exclusively arise from Italians networks and worked manually by the craftsmen of Carpi.

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