Manuelle Guibal

To bring  poetry and clothing together.

dress poetically as others clothe the world poetically.

To link magnetic fields with the lines  , one ‘s presence with shimmering colours and tranquillity in the comfort of the fabrics.

To be in one ‘s place , here and now , to feel comfortable and be yourself.

This interface  between the world and the body found in  MG creations , is not a coincidence .

The choice of fabric , linen , coton , rami , silk ,wool ,  alpaca , angora , and the touches of past times make them what they are.

Something other than a too smooth  fabric which would have nothing to say , nothing to pass on , nothing  to invent.

The  work intensifies  the visual and tactile vibration of the fabrics.

The garment  avoids the contemporary need  constantly to update.

The desire to really to live in the garment under all circomstances   , all times and for a long time.

The creative hand and what it brings is clearly to be seen.

Her story , the countries she has visited, dreamt  of , imagined ,the people she has met , her life.

There is a kind of magic in Emmanuelle Guibard ‘s universe , she is able to slow down  time and to embrace present day styles .

Our Manuelle Guibal creations